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 A Young Short Film Creator From Telangana  

Date of Publish - Monday, 13th November 2017

 A Young Telangana Short Film Creator

Creativity is nothing but shaping things in a different manner. There is no religion, caste, color, age, gender for creativity. If you add passion to creativity, then you are on the route to success. The only thing that creativity needs are courage. The person who is courageous can go beyond his certainties and reach the destination.This was proved by a14 year Telangana State girl with her 11-minute short film.

14 year old, Anusha Yanam is from a remote village in Adilabad district, Telangana State. She created an 11-minute short film named ‘Dosth’ (Friend) which has been passed at the Directors segment of the 20th International Children’s Film Festival in Telangana.She selected her own experience as her theme and created the short film.

The main story is about two friends from two different communities. One belongs to upper caste and another to lower caste. Anusha Yanam a victim of caste discrimination showcases how she suffered in her schooling because of caste differences.

As Anusha is from a lower caste family and there is no support from her family, she could study only up to 5th class and she is the only girl in her family to study up to 5th class.

In her statement with “The Times of India”, she said that everybody should realize how the lower caste students were treated by the upper caste people. This is a clear example for everybody to realize.

Out of the 179 films created, only 14 films were shortlisted for screening and Anusha’s ‘Dosth’ is one among the shortlisted films.

Anusha collaborated with many students from different residential schools of Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society reported to TOI. All the Dalit filmmakers encouraged the people from background class to express their stories and appreciated Anusha for her efforts in making this short film.

 (Image Souce: Times of India)



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Karunakara M Reddy


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