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 Digital Communication Is The Future That Every Business Must Adopt. 

Date of Publish - Sunday, 4th March 2018

"Digital communication is the future that every business must adopt. Search leads to sale. Your brand must be visible in between to inspire & engage the customer."

What platforms do you suggest high growth companies adopt?

Through my experiences of creating digital communication media, I would suggest high growth companies to invest great amount of thought, time and budget towards digital communication. Be it for internal or external stakeholders, you shall be able to catch and attract concentrated eyeballs through digital platforms.

"Mould your digital media plan depending on the demographics of your audience"

Mould your digital media plan depending on the demographics of your audience and implement the trends of the platform. Its not necessary to have a presence on all digital platforms, sometimes even being on one or two on which your target audience frequents can be equally impactful.

Remember to tweak your content to suit each platform. Eg. Short formats suit a certain platform, whereas for internal communication and longer presentations longer formats work better in order to not distract the audience with file changes.

People are spending more time with their gadgets in the virtual world than looking around and interacting with designs or people in the real world. So make the most of the digital time spent by your target audience.

Merging offline and digital communication mediums is trending today with Digital Kiosks and Taxi tabs which can be used to catch eyeballs through offline digital mediums.

Do you think presentations still work in the digital age for businesses?

Presentations lived and shall continue to live forever. Only will the form and medium of communication evolve through time. PowerPoint has been synonymous to presentations, but I encourage businesses to explore other presentation mediums like Prezi, Interactive Ebooks, Explainer Videos or blending slides into a film with videos.

Depending on your content and audience, its worth experimenting alternate storytelling methods through new mediums of digital communication. Even age old PowerPoint can be used creatively.

If a logo is the face of your company, presentations follow as the body. They should carry equal importance as your logo, website and other branding material. Your potential clients shall be spending more time staring at your presentation than browsing through your website.

"Build presentations with engaging visuals, minimalistic text and customized presentation layouts. Design every deck with a clear sense of purpose. That's the fundamental of winning presentations. "

Presentations give you the opportunity to connect and educate your audience with your information in a concentrated environment.

Use this opportunity smartly by using engaging visuals, minimalistic text and customized presentation layouts to leave imprints in the viewer’s mind.

What are your top 5/ 10 commandments for high growth companies to communicate effectively with shareholders/ investors, employees and customers in the digital age?

Use a variety of mediums

Create a healthy mix of text posts, visuals, presentations and videos. Think which medium shall be most effective to communicate that piece of content. For internal communication, one could use a video tutorial and a visual poster summing up the training as a take away to pin on their soft board.

Maintain your branding style

Use either your brand colours / font / logo throughout any medium. Each digital content should have a glimpse of your brand to maintain brand association. Often social media posts and presentations are given less importance to design and can be lost in relating to the brand. Don’t loose this opportunity to keep your audience connected to your brand.


Encourage users to interact with your brand across-platforms in order to tap the potential of each platform. Eg. Share a mini clip on Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram and link it to your Youtube channel or website to know more. Spread the hustle by sending different information like clues through different channels of communication, this shall keep the users engaged on multiple platforms.

Timing is key

Be consistent – set up a schedule and maintain activity for the longer run. Remember, slow and steady wins the race ! Continue to remain in the limelight rather than having a bell curve.

Time and Day of Release – Observe the trend of your audience’s activity and interaction time with that platform. Which days of the week is there more traffic on that platform? A good strategy is to release posts based on the respective time zone you are targeting incase of international audiences.

Keep it short practice minimalism

Less words and content are easier for the brain to attract digest and retain. Keep your videos and presentations short and crisp. Less is the new more with today’s short attention span.

"The world is always ready to hear a story that moves. Everytime you communicate on the digital media, imagine telling the greatest story you have ever told."

Author :
Karunakara M reddy


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