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 Your Attitude Is Your Contribution To Success 

Date of Publish - Monday, 13th November 2017

Your Attitude Is Your Contribution to Success

A tendency to acknowledge others or to reach others either positively or negatively is ‘Attitude’. Our attitude decides how we appear at a setback. People who have positive thinking, Attitude is a stepping stone for them to succeed in their life.
Components that determine your AttitudeThe factors that determine your Attitude are education, environment, experience, parental impression etc.


The impact of education is vital. In education teachers role is immeasurable. Education ought to teach us how to live as well as how to make our comfortable living in the society. Then it is a complete education. Education is the main route cause of any body’s attitude. If any person’s attitude is positive, then we can easily confirm that he is well educated. 


The impact of environment plays an important role in Attitude. The environment includes school, home, workplace, social impact, political impact, traditional background etc. All these create what a person is? 


An experience with other people helps us to take a decision about their attitude. If we have a positive attitude about a person, our attitude towards that person is likely to be positive and conversely negative attitudinal experience makes us be careful and cautious.

Here is a popular story to know how our attitude works.

A farmer named Hafiz in Africa leading a happy life.  He was happy because he developed a happy environment for others. One day a wise man came to him and explained Hafiz about the importance of diamonds. He said that having a diamond of thumb size you can own a town and if you had a diamond of your fist size you could be a millionaire and you can buy a country of your own. That advice by wise man changed Hafiz and there was no sleep for him from that day onwards.Hafiz was unhappy and he made arrangements to dispose of his property and along with his family, he moved in search of diamonds. He moved all around Africa but of no use. He looked the whole Europe but could not find any diamonds. By the time when he reached Spain, he completely depleted in his search and at last committed suicide.Coming to the person who procured his property, saw a stone shining like a rainbow when he was watering the camels at the stream. He thought that the stone would attract all his guests if he decorates it in his living room. He did the same and after some time, the wise man who advised Hafiz came thinking that Hafiz was back with diamonds and enquired the new owner about the Hafiz and also about the shining stone. The new owner replied to the wise man and said that as the stone was shining like a rainbow, I picked and decorated in my living room. The wise man said that it is a diamond and there are much more on his farm. Later the wise man and the owner of the farm sent the stone for analysis. To everybody’s surprise, the analysis report proved that the stones are real diamonds. At last the owner came to know that the whole farm is filled with diamonds. 

Finally, the moral of this story is “Our Attitude is our Contribution to Success.” If we have a right attitude we will do right things and ultimately our contribution will be correct. So, cultivate the habit of positive thinking which is the root cause of your success.


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