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  • SDG 14 is ‘Life Below Water :Plastic pollution. Increasing levels of debris in the world’s oceans are having a major environmental and economic impact. Marine debris impacts biodiversity through entanglement or ingestion
  • SDG 14 is ‘Life Below Water :Coastal waters are deteriorating due to pollution and eutrophication. Without concerted efforts, coastal eutrophication is expected to increase in 20 percent of large marine ecosystems by 2050.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Ocean acidification has increased significantly in recent decades. Open Ocean sites show current levels of acidity have increased by 26 per cent since the start of the Industrial Revolution.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Oceans absorb about 30 per cent of carbon dioxide produced by humans, buffering the impacts of global warming.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Oceans provide key natural resources including food, medicines, biofuels and other products. They help with the breakdown and removal of waste and pollution, and their coastal ecosystems act as buf

 You Need Not To Be An Expert To Solve Big Problems 

Date of Publish - Wednesday, 7th March 2018

It is often difficult to find people who are not facing any problem, as problem can be anything. It can be raising prices day-by-day or corruption or child-labor or anything. Even if a fan stops working for a while also is a problem. Problem can be big or small, it depends on you how you see it as. Sometimes problem of others could also make you to think about.

So, what does it takes to solve a problem? How could you solve a problem, as an ordinary citizen? Is it your duty to think? These are a few questions which often come to our mind when we think about a problem. We all know that no angel is going to come and do something for us, it’s all we who are going to do, then why do we focus on problem and make it big rather then focusing on the solutions.

At some moment we feel an urge to do something about the problem, but didn’t know what. All we knew that couldn’t just stand idly by. An urge to do something is most important. It helps us to work for solution and also keeps us motivated in a positive direction. Many times we move back thinking that we won’t have the required skill to accomplish the task, or our skill set is not enough for that domain. Even if you don’t know ‘how’ but if you are enough bold to understand ‘why’, somehow one day you will get the way out to your success.

We all know that air pollution is quite big environment issue. Ambient air pollution cause more deaths each year alone then malaria and HIV/AIDS. In Africa and other countries, premature deaths levels due improper sanitation or childhood malnutrition pale in comparison to deaths due to air pollution is somewhat lower. Air pollution is not a new issue, we are often asked to write an essay on it or do some measures to prevent air pollution, telling the consequences of it. But a few of us think like Tapiwa Chiwawa, who is a computer engineer and having knowledge of artificial intelligence. He observed an enormous cloud of air pollution in Johannesburg, South Africa while he was driving to work there. The main challenge with him was that he didn’t know much about environmental science, air-quality management or atmospheric chemistry, as it was not his domain. But he research about it and found that it is world’s biggest environmental health risk. So he, with his colleagues from South Africa and China, has created an online air-quality management platform that could uncover trends in pollution level and also it could assist the citizen about the future level of pollutants in their area.

He is not an only example there are many others. One thing common to all, is the will to do something, passion for their work, and working hard even when there is no guarantee of success. They also face same problem like many peoples but the difference is about the thinking. It is possible only when your motive, your aim is clear to you. But for most of us it is only problem that we won’t know what to do, even having all the resources and energy. It also has a solution: Stop complaining on everyday problems, instead work on solutions for them. Who knows that it could be a way to find out the purpose of your life.

Author :
Jhanvi Tripathi


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