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  • SDG 14 is ‘Life Below Water :Plastic pollution. Increasing levels of debris in the world’s oceans are having a major environmental and economic impact. Marine debris impacts biodiversity through entanglement or ingestion
  • SDG 14 is ‘Life Below Water :Coastal waters are deteriorating due to pollution and eutrophication. Without concerted efforts, coastal eutrophication is expected to increase in 20 percent of large marine ecosystems by 2050.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Ocean acidification has increased significantly in recent decades. Open Ocean sites show current levels of acidity have increased by 26 per cent since the start of the Industrial Revolution.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Oceans absorb about 30 per cent of carbon dioxide produced by humans, buffering the impacts of global warming.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Oceans provide key natural resources including food, medicines, biofuels and other products. They help with the breakdown and removal of waste and pollution, and their coastal ecosystems act as buf

 Write It On Your Heart That Every Day Is The Best Day In The Year 

Date of Publish - Saturday, 3rd March 2018

Persons who have positive attitude and thinking gets happiness and success in their life. And they believe that he or she can face any difficulties and problems in their life. There are a number of peoples who believes in positive thinking and understand its effectiveness. Let us discuss a story about positive attitude john applied for a job and he was sure that he is going to selected for that job. During the week preceding the interview he visualized himself making a good impression on interviewer and getting the job. Day before the interview he prepared the clothes he was going to wear, and went to sleep on time. On the day of interview, he woke up early morning and ate breakfast and arrive to the interview place at scheduled time. According to his visualization John was able to make a good impression upon interviewer and got the job. There is any miracles happened nothing but everything happened in a natural way. Improve your life and turn your dreams into reality with simple creative visualization. We experience a pleasant feeling with positive attitude and our health is affected in a beneficial way. Our voice become more powerful and this brings more energy. The power of your thoughts is a mighty power that build your life. If any idea seems strange, try it. You have nothing to lose, but only to gain.To use it in your life you have to adopt the attitude of positive thinking in your life. Smile a little more as it helps to think positively.

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Kamal Singh


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