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  • India Grand Challenges 7): ensuring quantity and quality of water in all rivers and aquatic bodies.
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 The Future Of Technology, " Artificial Intelligence" 

Date of Publish - Friday, 29th December 2017


Welcome to the hybrid age where the question arises whether Artificial Intelligence is boon or bane to the era? Artificial intelligence is advancement made in the computer system to perform an activity which normally requires human intelligence.

Some experts believe AI has potential to drive the world. Indian prime minister believes AI will dominate human life in future. He said, “Artificial Intelligence will drive the human race. It will be debated whether there will be any jobs left or not.” However, experts say that there is a huge possibility of job creation through AI.

Some believe that AI could cause more harm than good. Artificial Intelligence is basically focused on creating technology to work in an intelligent manner. AI is progressing rapidly. A robot from Hanson robotics named Sofia is the world’s first AI-powered robot to have been granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Sofia is built with all human-like characteristics from facial expressions to decision making. You also might have heard about the Alpha GO a computer program that plays board game Go. It is the first program to beat human professional Go player.

Most of the tech giants have started investing in AI startups and came up with their own AI technologies. Apple has SIRI, Amazon has ALEXA, Microsoft has CORTANA, and Google has Google assistant. We are not far away from the day when Driverless cars or say self-driving cars will run on the streets. Because AI has potential to become more intelligent than any human it will prove to be more productive and creative.

Every technology has its advantages and disadvantages and we always expect that its advantages outweigh disadvantages if not it will be serious trouble. For Artificial Intelligence we are not yet sure whether positive effects will always keep outweighing the negative effects. The emergence of AI has become the topic of the debate where some argue that the state of employment is at risk while some argue that it will bring innovation to the product and services.

Famous Physicist Stephen Hawking said, “The development of AI could be the end of human race.” However, Mark Zuckerberg still remains very optimistic about AI. He believes AI is that research which can help us from diagnosis of diseases to keep us healthy. The future of humanity in the context of Artificial Intelligence is Unpredictable.

Author :
Sumit Nandurkar IMIA023


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