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 Ockhi, An Unexpected Dark Guest 

Date of Publish - Wednesday, 27th December 2017

Ockhi, "An Unexpected Dark Guest"

 Ockhi which changed the life of fishermen in the south of Tamilnadu and Kerala. It caused huge loss to both the environment and the humans. In the beginning of December, the fishermen who went for deep fishing before the formation of the cyclone are hit hard and almost more than 450 fishermen were missing. This shows how the government lacks on the implementation of technology to communicate with the fishermen when they are in the deep.

Although we are marching towards Fifth generation communication (5G) there is no smarter device to help them. The wireless communications which are used by the fishermen can be available within 40 nautical miles which make difficult to contact them and when there is a catastrophe in the sea, no such use with those devices because they will be separated from the vessels. Still, now the coastal guards are in search for the missing with the aid of boats and helicopters. One of the major setbacks in the searching operation is that the data to the administration about the number of fishermen went for the fishing mismatch with the data provided by the local fishermen; there are also daily wage labours from the northern part of India whose data are not available to the district administration.

Taking this as a lesson the government should make a zonal level Disaster recovery and Rehabilitation team, which includes fire and rescue along with the local people well known about the local geographical area to recover the people during the northeast and south-west monsoon cyclones. Instead of providing compensation after the loss, if the government acts immediately they can save many lives and property.

The upcoming generation should come forward with new technology to overcome this destruction. The government can provide with very high frequency (VHF) device to the fishermen to contact the harbour and can update weather information even they are far away, also they can be aided with satellite phones which even work on isolated islands. Other than these the fishermen with injected tracking chip attached to the life jacket can be provided to track the location. The local administration must maintain the complete list of fishermen went for fishing along with the labours from another part of the state.

Now ockhi had left, leaving the traces of destruction, no one can stand against the natural calamitiesLabors should be ready enough to stand in a well after the destruction.





Author :
Balaji IMIA027


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