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 “nanikaghar” For Children Of Sex Workers  

Date of Publish - Friday, 22nd February 2019

Gauri Sawant is a trans-woman, earlier Ganesh belonging to a conservative family. After facing many hardships, with the help of Humsafar Trust, she changed herself. Her own problems and challenges give her the biggest motivation to make it easy for others. She knows what it means to struggle, survive and what it is like to really live a life.

In Kamathipura, Gauri was passing by and she saw a small girl playing with her mother’s dupatta while her mother was working. What difference does it make you might think? The mother was working as a sex worker and was with a man in front of her own daughter because she did not have enough room to keep the child away. This plight disturbed Gauri and she resolved to change things.

She is creating a home for all the children of sex workers because she believes in giving them a life of dignity. She is providing them food, shelter, and also education. All the children below 18 years of age are welcome to live there. If the children grow in the shackles where the mothers work, it impacts their mental health and more often than not, girls are trapped in the same business from an early age. But Gauri wants to educate them and make them strong, independent and empowered. At the same time, she also wants them to respect the profession their mothers are into and hold a strong voice for that.

Before building the home, she had adopted a small girl Gayatri and taken care of her like her own child. Gayatri is now 17 years and it was hard for her. She had to hear comments about her mother being a transgender but Gauri nevertheless educated her well and gave the right morals.

Gauri names this house as “Nanikaghar” because there cannot be a more welcoming place than the house of a grandmother. You get all the love and care there. She is building a two storey. The land is donated but she has used all the money she won on Kaun Banega Crorepati for this amazing heart touching project of hers. The house can accommodate around 70-80 kids and will change their lives. Talking about education, they are currently planning to start with primary education and will later on introduce various vocational courses which will improve their skill set and give them more opportunities for securing a job. She has also taken care of the basic healthcare facilities in that same house.

Gauri understands that these are the children who are vulnerable and she wants to secure them, not just the present but the future as well. The kids will grow here as normal as we do, enjoy their childhood and grow up to be free minded individual.

We need people like this who believe in causing the change and making someone else’s life a little better. We are sure that Gauri will succeed in this pilot project and will soon expand in various cities to ensure the children a secured and bright future.

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