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 Making Organic Farming Popular 

Date of Publish - Tuesday, 2nd January 2018


In this era where healthy habits are on top of the priority list of people, the type of food that we eat has a significant impact on our lifestyle and also on our health.  To choose smart is a very important thing for us and whats better than choosing organic food for our daily needs.

Organic farming is an essential solution that we need today so as to ensure the quality of food is maintained in this highly infectious surroundings that prevail around us today with pesticides and colours floating over every food item, cooked or raw, fruits or vegetables.

Brief overview and Origin:-

Organic farming was founded in late 1800’s. Father of modern organic agriculture Sir Albert Howard initiated the word “Organic Farming” and later it was coined by Lord Northbourne in 1940.The organic farming started in the early 20th century as an alternative option to the upswing chemical farming.


The major advantage is that the entire nutrient of the food is supplied in the food. Not just the food growing organic foods as an added advantage as they benefit the soil on which they grow as well by improving the aeration quality of the soil improved water holding capacity and root penetration as well. Organic manures are complete plant food. It reduces production costs as well, as farmers don’t need to buy expensive fertilizers. It can slow down global warming as well.

We need to encourage today agriculture methods such as this in order to tackle the growing health hazards as well as increasing the efficiency and utilization of the leftover space in the terraces and gardens which can be good target areas for small-scale organic farming. The large-scale operations are done as well and the organic products are available on specific sections of marts, Sahara Q shops etc. So we all need to spread more awareness regarding organic farming and its benefits.


Author :
Shaikh Ehetesham Alli IMIA003


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