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 Kerala -progressive Policies And Innovative Initiatives For Tribes 

Date of Publish - Wednesday, 17th January 2018

 Kerala -Progressive Policies and Innovative Initiatives For Tribes

Education is the most powerful weapon to change ourselves and to bring change in the world. At inception, the roots of the education are bitter, but later its fruits are sweet.
The significant skill one should possess, and need to express his potential is the Literacy Skill. So to bring a change in citizens as well as in the nation, there is a need for the nation to increase its literacy rate.

According to the literacy reports that In our country, Kerala boasts the Highest literacy rate consisting of 94% and now the state has taken another step forward and included tribal communities.

Implementing of Educating of tribal communities had spread its wings and had a grand startup from Palakkad District’s Attapadi and spread its branches to Wayanad region of Kerala, where there are more tribal groups incorporated.

According to the available report by “The Hindu”, the Literacy Mission Authority successfully completed its first phase of its programme by teaching 5730 people from nearly 290 hamlets.

If the actual meaning of literacy is- the ability to read and write, we should not use that word for these tribals as they changed the meaning of the word by performing beyond its meaning. Along with learning to read and write they changed their lifestyle and they came to know about the adverse effects of alcohol and tobacco so they lowered their usage and improved their state of hygiene.

Educating the Tribal Community Programme Includes

All the officials visited the Adivasis and came to know about their problems and their current living lifestyle. The officials explained about the benefits available for the tribes from the literacy scheme. 

According to the human psychology,  we all like to change, but the availability of opportunities sometimes may not allow us to do so. All the Adivasis get motivated and showed their interest to change themselves.

The literacy program included all the schemes to solve the issues directly. So the tribes were educated and were aware of a few facts about the availability of government schemes for them and now started utilizing them.

This literacy programme targeted the middle-aged population and many participants in the program are in and around 35 years of age. The main intention of educating this age group is that they will be capable of educating their own children. 

So Kerala succeeded in its first phase of teaching the tribes. Hope that will spread its branches to other states.

The basic currency to drive a successful life is your literacy. So acquire it and enjoy it.

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