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 Kalaripayattu-indian Martial Art Known As "mother Of All Martial Arts."  

Date of Publish - Monday, 3rd September 2018

Kalaripayattu is an Ancient Indian Martial art which is said to be originated from India around 3000 years ago. It is a Kerala originated Martial art and known as "Mother of all Martial Arts."

According to ancient folklore, people believe that Parashurama, is the founder of this Martial Art and he is also known as one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. He was the person who started this Martial art by establishing many schools with the help of his followers.

Later on, this Martial art was carried by many kingdoms to fight against each other and to protect their domains.

Kalaripayattu is a Tamil and Malayalam mix word which means “fight on the battlefield." Kalari implies battlefield and payattu means to fight. This Martial Art is practiced in a place which is set with vastu and all. This looks like a fight between two persons who even uses weapons like swords and knifes but usually they won’t hurt each other.

 This Martial Art makes our culture still alive with different techniques involved in it. First of all, children are taught to learn basic exercises which balance their physical strengths and later on slowly by slowly they are prepared to use weapons with several tactics.

This Martial Art is even taught to girls so that they can protect themselves and become strong mentally and physically.

It is must in Kerala that almost every child who crosses seven years should start learning Kalaripayattu. This Martial Art is taught by several gurus who have experience in that field to the children.

It is said that people who used to go for hunting in the forests got all the different techniques of Kalaripayattu by watching different animal fights in the forests and this Kalaripayattu is categorized into four forms which involve learning fighting skills with wooden and steel weapons.

There are several benefits of this Martial Art, like:

  • You can increase the flexibility of your body and can increase your strength.
  • As this involves fighting using physical methods, you can increase your concentration levels.
  • The stress levels can be reduced with the help of this Martial Art which in turn makes you more attractive towards your life.
  • The patience levels can be increased by this Kalaripayattu as this involves techniques to defending and attacking the opposite person.
  • Kalaripayattu is even helpful in real fights like this can help women to self-defense and protect them.
  • You can turn more active with this and become self-disciplined.
  • Mental and physical stability can be acquired as it is needed to use both psychological and physical strategies in this Martial Art.

Ancient records say that Bodhidharma was the one who has taken this art of Martial art to China and named that as Shaolin temple Martial Art. Even today many Chinese people worship Bodhidharma and continue practicing Martial Arts and skills taught by him.

Even though there are several Martial arts originated in India like Ghatka and Khusti (Malla yudham) etc. Kalaripattu has many benefits, and nowadays it is known to many people, and so many of them are trying to learn this Martial Art. There are many schools where Kalaripayattu is being taught not only in Kerala but also worldwide.

Author :
Soumya Diddi


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