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 Impact Of Political Parties On Youth 

Date of Publish - Saturday, 23rd December 2017

India, people say, is a democratic country, which means people have the right to choose their representatives and even withdraw their names if they do not work satisfactorily. Managing a lot of views from a lot of people was tough and that's how political parties came into being. They were formed with the motive of putting views of a particular group in front of government properly. They were formed so as to bring more harmony and peace among the people. But the current scenario does not validate this formation.

Everything around is constantly changing. The world has been evolving, constantly and steadily. But the clashes between the political parties have not improved, not even a bit. Every day the headlines of newspapers reveal that the political parties have thrown a new war against another. There are more than 50 political parties in this country. While talking of the major ones, BJP and Congress strike my mind, and the recent clash between them is what blew my mind.

The issue of clashes between them is a deep-rooted menace, which has spread its roots deeper than the actual roots of the tree. Recently, a senior Congress leader, Mr.Mani Shankar released a statement in media, which targeted Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. He stated that PM’s mentality was low class. I remained numb reading his statement not because I support a particular party and oppose other, but simply because he and his words were wrong. This is just an example of what the mindset is, of one party’s politician towards another. We, the common people do not even come to know on what issues they fight against each other on a daily basis. The main focus of these political parties has shifted from looking at the well-being of the people to blame one another. It’s sad but it’s true. Jokes and comments on other party’s leaders are another common happenings these days. And the doers undoubtedly are proud of what they say.

Sooner or later, one has to come up with the way of solving these issues. Till when can such situations continue? On a daily basis, such crisis occurs and I (as a citizen of India) feel sad reading about the clashes the politicians bring. It is the youth who has enough willpower and manpower to bring a positive change in the society. Well, the youth on their half could make an attempt to stay away from such circumstances. The youth shall not and must not promote violence or conflicts. As well as the youth should come forward to bring internal coordination and peace in the working of government. Could we just step up together and try to bring back the title of ‘Golden Bird’ to this country, so that this country becomes a better place to live in.


Author :
Shreya Chhajed IMIA001



Khushboo Batham

True. Youth have to look towards the peace rather than involving in such nuisance. As Mother Teresa wisely said, call me when there's a peace rally and not for a war rally. So, we must focus on bringing peace. :)

Thursday, 28 December 2017

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