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 Five Ways For Youth To Stay Motivated In Life 

Date of Publish - Thursday, 30th November 2017

5 ways for youth to stay motivated in life

 There are days we feel happy and there are days we feel tired from the same set of activities. Going to office daily is what makes a serviceman tired, while mugging up the boring subjects makes the student sleepy. In short, every second person needs motivation in some or other way to get through this event called life. Here are some tips to save you from low-esteemed thoughts and to help you take a good ride on this roller-coaster of life.

1. Keep yourself busy

There may be times when one feels like giving up on life. You know, most of the depressed thoughts strike one’s mind when he is free. I believe getting bored is a disease, which spreads its wings and consumes all your creativity. It makes you feel dull and depress you and your thoughts. One can avoid getting bored by keeping himself busy. If your hobby is writing, write, write more and more and be perfect in your way. Let your creativity flow. If you like playing cricket, play and practice. Practice makes a man perfect. Whatever your hobby is, either give time to it or you can get engrossed in a new endeavour, and this can help you in saving yourself from boredom.

2. Interact with your near & dear ones

The essence of life lies in understanding the fact that people, lonely or whatever if desire to share their experience or want to express their opinion on any topic should not hesitate in speaking up. As the others won’t hesitate in lending them a helping hand, sometimes, things get sorted out when we share our situations with our friends. Step up and talk to that friend you have been waiting to call since ages, but couldn’t manage to keep your laziness aside. Have a meaningful conversation with your friends. This will help you to learn a lot of life hacking tips, and you will start believing that advice can come up (as a by-product of conversation) from the world’s easiest way, that is talking.

3. Think before you start your journey.

Think for a while, why you started your journey or why you opted for that particular career path leaving every other field aside. There is a reason for your startup, right? Wonder what would happen if you leave your task in the middle. You have to face many hurdles very often; all you need to do is struggle and you need patience throughout your journey. There is no denying in the fact that sunsets every day, but it does rise too. Have faith in yourself, your tough time will surely surpass.

4. Practise exercise

Doing Exercises is not as easy as eating a hot cake, but it’s worth that counts your efforts. I am not asking you to join a gym or waste your physical labor on unproductive experiments, a 10-minute walk in the morning or practising simple yoga can even help. Starting would be tough, but the results would be fantastic. What are you waiting for? Go out for a walk in the morning and enjoy the fresh breeze, it won’t hurt you.

5. Read good books

Ever heard of Robin Sharma, Nicholas Sparks or Paulo Coelho? If not, you are probably missing up the treasure of knowledge. These are not politicians or fighters who focused on protecting or developing nation, but they focused on preserving mankind. Make a habit of reading books. Trust me, you will not regret this habit. If you are busy in your office work or studies, you can allow at least 15 minutes of your day to a good book. You will find yourself taken into a new world of creativity. Committing suicide or wishing to die in unfavorable situations is easy; what is tough is to maintain that urge to work within you. Keep working with different cultured people, learn many things and lead a happy life. The World is a pretty place for the one who knows how to live.



Author :
shreya chhajed IMIA001



Rajendra kumar jain

this text is more impressive for every one as well as youth .

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Vikas Yadav

very well done.....👍

Thursday, 30 November 2017

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