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 Essential Things Should Be Included In Current Curriculum 

Date of Publish - Saturday, 9th December 2017

Essential Things Should Be Included In Current Curriculum

What are the essential real world things that should be included in syllabus of current curriculum?

Our schooling revolves around academics but most of them aren't really benefited. The needs of children vary from each other. Very often the lectures delivered by the professors are not reachable for all the students all the time. And from my experience, most of this content is simply memorized, spilled out for an exam and then quickly forgotten. Apart from this, it cultivates a fear amongst them, a fear of failure.

What if you’re not academic? Most of these kids grow up feeling unworthy , feeling stupid. And for some, it massively alters their journey of their adult lives. Academics don’t tell you much about yourself. Having only the bookish knowledge isn't sufficient. It tells you you’re good at school but doesn't really prepare you for the real world. It doesn’t indicate whether you’ll be successful in your marriage, raising your kids, managing your money, or giving back to your community. All these things play an import role in your life. My take is that be open in these situations as to what the child feels and wishes to do.

The curriculum being practical will help the students to be more driven into it and thus curiosity factors increases.

We are born curious. Babies learn by observing their environment; they do it naturally without being taught. Three-year-old kids constantly, at times annoyingly, ask, “why and how" And yet, by the time my students arrive in Grade 10 they have lost all their curiosity. Learning should be developmental. Classes and activities should be planned. A good curriculum provides continuity of experiences. With experience comes knowledge and wisdom.

Apart from knowledge a basic criteria that should be inculcated in the students are values.

Apart from that skills play an important role in developing your career in whichever field it may be. Therefore 3 basic elements of building a strong and qualitative curriculum are knowledge, skills and values.






Author :
Nikita Behal IMIA012


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