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 Deepa Karmakar Visits Indraprastha College 

Date of Publish - Tuesday, 27th February 2018

On the 22nd of February 2018, the Indraprashtha College for Women celebrated its annual sports day, marking the commencement of a week filled with various sporting events. The morning began with a mandatory march-past showcased by all departments of the college accompanied by the Delhi Home Guard band. The heat of the sun and the dryness of the Delhi air were merciless to no extent. But the women of IPCW stood with their backs straight and chins up as they welcomed the day’s guest of honour, Deepa Karmakar. Ms. Karmakar is the first Indian gymnast to represent the country in artistic gymnastics and secured the 4th position Olympic games held in Rio.

Her achievements surpass those of many youth in our country and are highly inspiring. Above all she displayed great humbleness as she took the podium to address the gathering. Her speech lasted no more than three minutes but her words stayed with all present. She emphasized the importance of sports in the lives of young people and believed that sportsmen and women have an advantage over others in many fields of life. The principal of our institution especially thanked Ms. Karmakar’s coach who was also present, for believing and putting in great effort in the training of the young gymnast to create a champion that an entire country could be proud of.

During the sports week, which took place prior to the sports day, the college hosted two exhilarating events. An Inter-College Athletic Meet for visually challenged boys and girls was held on the 12th of February. On the 16th, a cross-country run was held for boys and girls as well. Both events were a great success. The former saw an array of individuals putting their best foot forward and gaining immense appreciation and cheers.

This entire week was able to highlight the relevance of sports in bringing positivity to the lives of individuals.

Whether one is part of a team or enjoys playing a sport as recreation it more often than not has a positively constructive outcome. Being a healthier alternative to many other amusing activities today, sports allow youngsters to grow healthier physically and mentally. Low self-confidence and esteem can easily be dealt with the introduction of sports as it may bring in a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. Moreover,engaging in sports reduces the amount of unsupervised free time on your hands and prevents boredom. It does not discriminate based on any form of boundaries except those marked on fields. As famous basketball player Michael Jordan said, “Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

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