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 Chairless Chair, An Innovative Exoskeleton Design 

Date of Publish - Saturday, 6th January 2018

Chairless Chair, An Innovative Exoskeleton Design

What if I tell you to sit without a chair, it might be difficult for us. But using Noonee’s chairless chair it is possible. This wearable device allows us to sit anywhere without any support of the chair. It is designed and developed by the Switzerland based company called Noonee. The system consists of several flat DC motors and battery. This device works on a battery that lasts up to several days. Also, the weight of this device is only 3.5 kg as it is made up of Polyamide plastic.

Now let us come to the application of this device as per requirement of Indian citizens.

 • In India many job persons especially in metro cities, they have to travel in metro and local trains where they can’t get a   seat and it is quite difficult to stand for hours, thus it is very useful to them as it does not take space and one can get the comfortable journey.

• In factories, workers cannot sit and work simultaneously as they have to move continuously and also due to lack of space, so it will be easier for them to work as one can also walk, run and sit by using the device and originally this product was designed for factory workers. Many giant companies like Audi, Skoda, BMW etc., are already testing this device for their factory workers.

 • The patients who are suffering from any kind of leg injuries or paralyzed then by the use of this device they will be able to walk with this support while walking.

• With increasing age, bone density starts decreasing hence elder people face difficulties while climbing stairs and even walking so this will be the best gift for our grandparents.

• Due to infinite inclination, one can hold any position which is required by factory workers without giving stress to the legs.So there are various uses of this excellent product but unfortunately, it is still not available in India. We can hope that Noonee company will soon launch this product in India or also one can make startup by improving this chairless chair design making it more worthful.



Author :
Sanjay Tiwari IMIA021



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