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 Awake To The Transcendental Thoughts 

Date of Publish - Thursday, 28th December 2017

Self Assessment

Awakening one`s better self, unlocking one`s true potential and delving into the deep wells of talents, that every one of us is endowed with, requires a short spell of solitude in serenity and tranquillity; when one can analyze the depths of one’s thoughts, ideas, actions and behaviour patterns. This inspection of one`s thoughts and emotional processes is called Introspection. Introspection was first adopted in Experimental Psychology by Wilhelm Wundt, the father of Modern Psychology.

Introspection or looking within can appreciably improve our lives. ‘The quality of one`s life is determined by the quality of one`s thoughts’, and ‘The purpose of life is a life of purpose’, these forceful words inscribed in The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma, are indeed beacons of light to guide one, in one`s path of self-actualization.

An epiphany dawned on me, on a starry dawn, while tending to tiny bean saplings, with tender green leaves and rickety roots in soggy soil, that just as we guard and protect these tiny saplings from weeds and pests, we would also have to tend with utmost care to our mind which is akin to a young plant, from all negative influences; A single drop of sour lemon juice can curdle a bottle of milk, similarly a single negative thought can change our very perception of life, to our disadvantage.

“The price of greatness is responsibility for each of your thoughts.” ― Winston Churchill, this quote illuminates the importance of considering every thought of ours as our most exquisite possessions, as living beings, which can substantially improve our life, or prove to be detrimental as well.

Recording our thoughts, actions, behaviour patterns in a journal consistently, and working on improving one`s life meticulously, with monomaniacal, a fierce focus on one`s goal is one of the best ways to introspect into one`s life. Thinking about Thinking-Why do I think the way I do?

Is there a way by which I can improve the quality of my thoughts and in turn my life?

How can I be a better me today?

What is the best version of myself?

Questions like the above can help us in our mental odyssey, into the limitless poetic possibilities that our lives were meant to be.

Introspection can be one of the best tools to access the unfathomable reservoirs of talents and potential, when used in the right way, to elevate one`s life to one`s personal mountaintop, achieving the unparalleled and unprecedented success that we were meant to achieve.





Author :
Yashaswini P IMIA033


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