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 An Introvert, Who Prefers To Be Calm And Solitary 

Date of Publish - Thursday, 4th January 2018

An Introvert, Who Prefers To Be Calm And Solitary

An introvert is the one who prefers calm and solitary activities. Introverts avoid a large group of people, feeling and experience more energy when they are alone. In short, introverts feel drained after socializing.

But this is not true, an introvert is much more than that. They are quiet dreamers and deep thinkers. Peoples misunderstand the introvert with the shy. Introverts are a unique and powerful gift and tend to be thoughtful, creative, reflective, and conscientious. They feel the focus and gain energy to spend time alone.

Here are some behaviours and sign of introversion that helps you to find your personality. If you find this behaviour or attitude in yourself, then you are somewhere an introvert. And it resembles the positive attitude towards to your personality.

You enjoy having time to yourself: Whenever you have a break or take a break, you spend the time to listen to music, playing a video game or talking to yourself. You enjoy your quiet time on your own instead of social suffer or social chit-chats.

Your best thinking occurs when you’re alone: An Introvert finds their solution or creative idea in their own time. An introvert is not against the social meetings or conference, but they are more creative and have more ability to find their original thoughts when they are alone. If you are like that, then feel proud.

You’re the last to raise your hand when someone asks for something from a group: In Middle and high school, you notice some children raise their hands straightforward to get the teacher points. There are extroverts, but it does not mean introverts are less than extrovert. An introvert is bigger than an extrovert but just does not like the limelight.

You prefer not to engage with people who seem angry or upset: If you are trying to avoid peoples who seem mad or in an angry mood. It is a sign of an introvert because introvert peoples are more sensitive to potentially negative evaluations.

You lead best when others are self-starters: In spite, it is true that an introvert is mostly quiet and never step forward first for anything. But they can be a great leader in some right circumstances. Then introvert themselves achieve the goal as well as bring the potential for the rest.

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Visha Sharma IMIA010


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