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 An Abstract Beauty, Warli Art 

Date of Publish - Friday, 1st December 2017


Warli, art from the Maharashtra, enchants most, after decades also. The art belongs to indigenous tribes of the hills, dates back to 2500 BC.


By the native women, commonly painted on the walls, these remain to be best described as an abstract beauty, all in just two colors having one upon the other.

Quite enthralling to see that being limited to not many shades, minute details can be brought about.


These paintings are organic creations using a mixture of branches, earth, and cow-dung to make the red ochre; added upon by a white synthesized pigment mixture of rice paste, water, and gum, binder bamboo stick (chewed) excitingly being used as the brush.


These paintings tell stories of life, of the Indian rural, their passion to hunt, godly beliefs, and most importantly the family life of people living belonging to that soil.

Ever thought of getting that back to the contemporary world? I believe we should. Fun fact, these have already attracted many. Notice them as infrastructural designs, crockery, and as decor.


Potentially, the revival of these art forms creates employment for the passionate rural acquainted with the art, enhancing the scope of art as well as the artisan life. Also, this would buy a good opportunity to broadcast our culture far and wide.

Author :
Aparna Kappaganthu IMIA004


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