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 Amazing Facts About 'rama Setu' 

Date of Publish - Friday, 15th December 2017

Rama Setu, “The Sea Of The Bridge”

Rama Setu bridge was built by Vanaras, the army of Rama who used to reach Sri Lanka to rescue Sita from the Rakshasa king Ravana. The name given to this bridge is Setubandhanam, the original name that is continuing even till today. As the sea is separating India and Sri Lanka it is called as Sethusamudram which actually means “Sea of the Bridge”.

According to earlier Islamic sources Rama Setu is also known as Adam’s Bridge. In Sri Lanka a mountain was named as Adam’s peak and people had a belief that Adam is supposed to fell to earth and cross Sri Lanka to India from this bridge so they named it as Adam’s Bridge.

Recently a national satellite crossed over the borders of the Indian Ocean and depicted that there is a chain of largely submerged objects between Sri Lanka and India.

According to the scientific analysis the chain of rocks is over 30 miles and stated that those rocks were arranged magically.

According to the satellite images the oceanographers observed that the stones were sitting on a shore/chamber. After a clear research it is cleared that the stones belong to 7,000 years where as the ‘sandbar’ is of only 4,000 years. With this it is clearly indicating that the bridge was not natural it was man made magical bridge.

1. image is of the floating stones of Rama Setu.

image source- mugdhasa

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Friday, 15 December 2017

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