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 Amazing Benefits Of Travelling 

Date of Publish - Friday, 29th December 2017

Amazing benefits of travelling

Did you know that travelling affects our minds and health in so many different and positive ways?

We all love travelling be it to a place close to home for a weekend getaway, a holiday in the lovely and serene Andaman or a long luxurious Euro trip. Travelling does make a huge hole in our pockets but we all know that it’s all worth it, and now there are even more reasons for all the more indulge in our favourite activity! So let’s delve deeper.

Travelling relieves stress

Stress is a rising concern among people, especially in the working class groups. It can adversely affect the health and the older generations are especially at risk. Travelling relieves us from the daily stressful life as after reaching a different place, away from the entire regular hectic environment, we feel emotionally liberated, making us feel relieved and relaxed. Travelling is very significant in rejuvenating our minds making it healthy and happy.

Travelling triggers the happy hormones

Mental health is another leading healthcare issue affecting especially the younger generations. And the repetition of the same routine on a daily basis affects these young minds making them feel gloomy frequently without any particular reason. Change is peculiar to a healthy life and a break from the normal routine is just the key to a sound emotional health. Travelling affects the body in such a positive way that the happy hormones get to work throughout the time, lifting our moods and making our mind free of all the emotional clutter.

Travelling improves relationships

All of us irrespective of our ages have a very busy schedule nowadays and hardly get any family time. And many of us have friends who stay away from us and complain about not having met in a long time. A family trip to mom’s favourite place can alone do wonders for your relationships. Travelling brings people closer, be it to your family, friends or relatives. So the next time you get your bonus, gift yourself and your family or friends an amazing vacation and spend some quality time with one other.

Travelling makes you healthy inside out

By now we know how travel improves our mental health but that’s not just it. Travelling also enriches our physical health as every time we travel, we end up walking a lot, exploring new things. This way our body is active throughout making it healthier. We all know how much we love trekking and as it turns out, it is one of the best ways to improve our physical health along with learning about and visiting new places. So boys and girls, get your trekking shoes ready to have a healthy body.

Individual Travelling 

Travelling alone is the best way to know more about yourself as when we travel alone, we take all the decisions ranging from booking a hotel to selecting the dinner, we meet new people and also get to have some quality me-time. This way without really putting in extra efforts, our personalities keep developing and improving making us more independent.

So now we know that travelling is the best exercise one can have in order to have a happy and healthy mind and body. It has so many health benefits making us want to travel even more. So next time you feel gloomy or stressed, book a holiday that instant.


Author :
Parvati IMIA035


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