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 A Boy Diverted The Attention Of Everybody With His Activity 

Date of Publish - Thursday, 9th November 2017

A Boy Diverted the Attention of Everybody with His Activity

“Good Thoughts and Good Actions Are Always Appreciable”, this was proved by a young schooling boy.

Children are born with good thoughts and acts until they are influenced either by friends, parents or teachers. They always struggle to prove themselves. In this busy competitive world, appreciating others is a tough task. No one thinks about others before insulting them and never bother about how others suffer for their words and actions.

Pranjal Dubey, a school going boy behaved differently and diverted the attention of co-passengers towards him with his impressive act. He was paid attention by others for his sense of responsibility.

Dubey is a commuter traveler by the Delhi Metro, he carries food with him every day, but that day is a special day for him for which he was attracted by his co-passengers in the metro compartment.

Pranjal Dubey’s food by mistakenly fell on the floor of the metro compartment. As usual, everybody expected that it would remain like that for the whole day. But what was the immediate action of Pranjal inspired many and few made to learn from his action.
Pranjal kept his tiffin box in his bag and immediately tore off a paper from his notebook and cleaned the entire compartment.

Most of us never bother if something discarded from us. We are living in a society where we never bother about our neighborhood and the inconvenience that we are creating for others. But young Pranjal had the humility in him made him act accordingly.

This was a small lesson for the big uncultured people.

(image source- Indian Express)


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