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 Can Home Remedies Increase Your Height. 

Date of Publish - Friday, 29th June 2018

Can Home Remedies Improves your height.

Are you comfortable with your height?

Scientifically it is proved that the height of a person is based on his/her inherited genetics. All the children can have a chance to increase their height up to the age of 18 years.
No doubt that tall people with a good personality get more likes that can boost their confidence. Does this mean that only tall people have reasons to rejoice? Can short people increase their height?

Cool down, there is interesting information for you. Research states that the growth of children depends on their food habits and the fitness they maintain and also from their inherited parental genetics. The more fitness and healthy food habits they have, the more tall and healthy they look like. Let’s observe step by step things are to be considered to increase the height.
Foods can Make You Tall

Lifestyle makes us so busy to care ourselves or the children in the house. Everything is instant and easily available we tend to consume more food products that we were eating occasionally. This includes eating junk food, kids consume at a very young age. Now let us discuss good food tips to increase the height naturally.
Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and paneer are a major source of calcium to help bone growth. The growth of bones is essential to increase the height. The main source for vitamins like A,B,D, and E are available with dairy products.


Are you taking eggs? At least two eggs a day can increase your height. Eggs being a rich source of Vitamin D and Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) aids in the making of strong bones to help you grow your height.


Include soybean in your diet. Soybean has vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates giving you the required nutrients to grow taller. Don’t forget to include this in your diet.


Some have a wrong assumption that banana leads to weight gain. But the truth is banana is a rich source of potassium, manganese, calcium and healthy probiotic bacteria helping to make you grow taller.

Why Potassium ?

You need to understand the importance of potassium in:
Maintaining the body growth.
Aiding carbohydrate absorption.
Supplying protein requirements.
Building body muscle.
Keeping skin cells clear and hydrated.
Magnesium Intake Important

Manganese helps in bone development, metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol, proteins, and carbohydrates helping you grow tall.

Leafy Green Vegetables

If you want to grow tall, you need to add healthy fresh green vegetables in your diet. Leafy vegetables supply the essential nutrients to stimulate growth hormones needed for the body. More than that, they provide dietary fibers, vitamins, carbohydrates, and other minerals to make you taller.


Are you a fish lover? Consume more of fish not because of its amazing taste and but to get proteins and Vitamin D. Vitamin D absorbs calcium intake that ultimately helps you to grow tall.

Withania somnifera Ashwagandha)

Have you heard about Withania Somnifera?

Ashwagandha is another name of Withania Somnifera one of the best natural home remedies to grow tall. The herbs help in broadening the bones and influence the human growth hormones.


Chicken helps you to build your body tissues and muscles. Therefore include chicken in your diet.
Fruits & Vegetables

Try fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D to become taller. These two vitamins help in bone development.

Exercises that can help you boost your height:
Apart from food, body exercise helps in keeping your body fit and flexiblePhysical fitness boost up your height. There are many exercises that will help in improving height. Here I picked up few of them which are easy to habituate and ultimately help you to increase your height.
Jumping Exercise

Jumping Exercise will help you to increase your height. When you do jumping, your spine and calf muscles are stretched. Also, jumping helps in increasing the blood supply to the bones and stimulates your growth hormones.

Swimming Exercise

Swimming is not only a good cardio exercise but also relaxes your body. It helps in body growth as you practice stretching your arms, legs and the entire body which ultimately is good to increase your height.

Hang-up Exercise

Hanging exercises boost up your height quickly. Initially it may be a little bit struggle, but once if you can practice regularly it will be very easy and healthy too.
Yes, be positive about becoming taller. Practise these simple remedies on food and exercise to grow taller and make an impact.


Mukta Agrawal
Senior Nutritionist “INLIFE Healthcare”

Author :
M.Karunakar Reddy


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