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 Importance Of Promoting Arts Alongside Education 

Date of Publish - Wednesday, 6th September 2017

In history, we see rulers patronising arts. At the same time, we can see instances where rude rulers who destroyed every form of art due to prejudice in its worst form. As we are going to celebrate Teacher’s Day in all grandeur remembering Shri Sarvepally Radhakrishnan’s contribution to education, let me pick up one of his sayings. Dr. Radhakrishnan philosophized once, “A life of joy and happiness is possible only by knowledge and science.” One important point he missed is to add art alongside knowledge and science. Arts in its diverse forms need fostering. That is why exactly I want to write in this forum to motive the teachers and students alike.

The Zeal Counts

I was not trained in the theory of music during my young age. But I had the enthusiasm to become a singer, and this made me reach so many music experts to learn music. Moreover, I listened to the music of many. As a result, I stand before you as a singer of more than 40,000 songs. What I want to convey to teachers and student community is on emphasizing arts in every form. We hear about lack of opportunities, and how difficult is to find gainful employment. At this stage, why not think about integrating various art forms into education. As entertainment sector in India is likely to touch Rs 2.42 trillion (US$ 37.57 billion) by 2021 (source ibef. org), teachers can sense opportunity and motivate students to be partakers of this growth. 

Teachers Should be the Best Minds

Pandit Radhakrishnan wanted teachers to be the best minds in the country. Knowledge alone will not make the best minds. When  knowledge increases, it can lead to prejudice. On the other hand, art and its expressions originate from the heart that soothes the soul. So we need knowledge as well as arts. Music is love when it hits you; you feel no pain. According to Lou Rawls, an American voice actor, “Music is the greatest communication in the world.” This happens when people don’t understand the language of the song; they still appreciate good music. I feel teachers need to sense the power of this great communication called music and pass on to their audience who are students.

Love for music transcends differences. Our country is a great nation that patronized various forms of arts and its expressions like music,dance, and dramas which are relevant today as it fosters life skills by itself. 

Promote Arts among Students

While saluting Dr. Sarvepally Radhakrishnan for his contribution towards education, my sincere wish is to see teachers promote various forms of arts to foster talent among students. It is not only in engineering or medicine one can find a career. If teachers are experts in talent spotting of their students, we can create hundreds of talented actors, danseuse, and singers, composers who can disseminate unique themes to the people through arts and entertain in a big way.

Teachers spend part of their life with students. They can observe and spot diverse talents of their wards. As all fingers are not equal in length, some are meant for engineering, medical, technology professions whereas the other for arts leading to the entertainment industry. By introducing them to various musical notes or tones of famed singers occasionally, teacher's can trigger the imagination of their students to learn music and be in the entertainment industry sometime or the other. 

Spot Talent by Constantly Observing Students 

Everything comes out of interest. If the youth rejoice in music, it can be sign. Teachers should observe the time students devoting to fine arts from the literature they read or just listening from the conversation of their favorite topic. This can help them promote various kinds of arts they love like music, dance, and fine arts. If somebody writes poems see to it whether another one can give tunes to it to sing a melodious song. Recognise such talent occasionally. This makes your teaching more entertaining to the students.

Yes, there are many ways to promote various forms of arts among the students. Let us support arts alongside education to transform, educate, empower, and learn to lead as the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi rightly envisioned in his advance message to the teachers.

Happy Teachers Day.
S.P. Balasubramaniam.
About the author: SPB is known
for his role as a playback singer,


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