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 Zero Gravity - A Mysterious Phenomena Occurred On The Planet Earth.  

Date of Publish - Tuesday, 16th January 2018

 Zero Gravity - A Mysterious Phenomena Occurred On The Planet Earth.

An Unbelievable Fact, Earth Planet with Zero Gravity In Five Places.

The moon symbolizes ignorance, Time, Mystery, Cool, Calm etc. Now we can feel the life on the moon on earth itself.

NASA with other scientists have been traced out certain places on Earth with zero gravity. According to their research, Hudson Bay, which is a part of Canada possesses less downward pull than other parts of the planet Earth.

According to the NASA report that the downward pull is due to the convection. The actual theory says that a magma layer which is very thick shifts around and creates convection currents wherein dragging the continental plates down, ultimately decreasing the gravity in those areas.

NASA also proved that Ice is also a reason to decrease the gravity of Earth. Another theory is that a large ice sheet covered the large portion of Canada and Northern America. The weight of ice pulled down the land resulted in zero gravity.

Coming to the five places, Magnetic Hill, Leh a small route stretches about 32km towards Kargil. This hill is called as Magnetic Hill of Ladakh. An amazing incidence on this special place Srinagar –Leh highway if you switch off your vehicle engine and keep it in neutral, then automatically your vehicle starts moving up to 20 km per hour on its own. Here the mysterious phenomena are that the magnetic force pulls the car to the uphill. This region is tested in another way with the aircraft. While passing through this region the pilot increases their altitude to avoid the magnetic interference. This is a clear indication that the region is with zero gravity.

Spook Hill, Florida

This region is called as “Spook Hill” as the pioneer riders realized that the horses labouring downhill, so they nicknamed as the “Spook Hill”. In this region, the car appears to roll up to the hill which is an illusion. If we stop and neutral your car, then automatically it is pulled up towards the mountain.

Cosmos Mysterious Place, Rapid City

This is the place where we can stand at an angle without falling down. In this region, even the trees bow down their heads mysteriously. So this place is known as Cosmos Mystery Area. Another phenomenon observed in this region is the ball going upward and not falling down.

St.Ignace Area, Michigan

In 1950 when the survey is going on, suddenly the workers observed that their devices stopped working. Later, after an extensive research, it is found that it happened in an area of 300 square feet, this is because of zero gravity in that area. In this area, it is possible to do little tricks like standing on the side wall. Sitting on the wall, and after some time if you stay there you may feel that your body is becoming lighter.

Mystery Place, Santa Cruz, California

Another mystery place identified with zero gravity as Santa Cruz in California. This place was identified in the year 1940. In an area of 150 square feet in a circular form, the surveyors proved that there is some irregularity in that area. They identified that the place wherein you can stand without falling down at an angle. In this place, the water flows in an upward direction.

Is it not amazing.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

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