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 What Does My Future Hold? 

Date of Publish - Tuesday, 19th December 2017


Have you ever wondered what does my future hold for me? This question frequently strikes the minds of every student. Let me tell you, my friends, your actions can influence what your future holds. You rule your life. Your actions have a decided impact on what your future will be. After trying so hard when a person is a misfortune, he starts believing in astrology, palmistry; everyone wants to know the secret that life holds for the future. It’s not wrong thinking about the future, but over thinking might cause anxiety, worry, guilt, regret, or sadness.

You are missing the enjoyment of life experiences happening right now. No person can completely be without thinking about the future. Thinking much about the future is definitely bad. Thinking about the future will not work rather you can plan your future and learn from the past and enjoy every present moment.

When you imagine your future, you start expecting from life and if things go wrong you are just heartbroken. But when you start planning your future, you work and you gain what you have planned. It is very simple to plan your future.

• Do what you love to analyze your strength and weaknesses think what can you do well? What do you like? And write in a separate notebook.

• Dream what you want to be in the future write whatever comes to your mind in a notebook.

• Share your goals this will help you to build a support network of people who want to see you happy in the future.

• Make a plan and think how can you achieve your goals note down your plan in a notebook and have a look at it regularly.

• Start working on your plan stays motivated and never lose hope.

• Enjoy what you do because this is the most important thing which will help you to build a successful future.

It is rightly said that well planned is half done. If you plan work and enjoy you will have an answer ready for you to own question WHAT DOES MY FUTURE HOLD?




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