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  • India Grand Challenges 10): Understanding national climate patterns and adapting to them.
  • India Grand Challenges 9): Providing learner centric, language neutral and holistic education to all.
  • India Grand Challenges 8): Securing critical resources commensurate with the size if our country .
  • India Grand Challenges 7): ensuring quantity and quality of water in all rivers and aquatic bodies.
  • India Grand Challenges 6): Guaranteeing nutritional security and elimination female and child anaemia.
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  • India Grand Challenges 1): Ensuring universal eco-friendly waste management .

 Water Depletion- A Wake-up Call 

Date of Publish - Tuesday, 13th February 2018

Content notes:

Smaat India Private Limited is one of the world's leading companies in the development and supply of innovative, non-chemical, Water and Air treatment technology to the Global, Domestic, institutional, commercial and industrial segments. Starting the journey in 1998 Smaat has now emerged as a Global company offering environmental free, water & air treatment solutions in 33 Countries. Smaat enjoys the reputation of being first in India, and the first ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certified Company in Andhra Pradesh to have introduced Eco-friendly non-chemical water treatment units using Magneto Hydro Dynamics Technology (MHDT). Innovative technology and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction have distinguished Smaat in water treatment industry. Over these 12  successful years, Smaat has expanded its horizons to meet the water & air treatment needs of industries, residential homes, restaurants, hotels, food and beverage plants, laundries, educational institutions, commercial properties, drip irrigation, farms, dairies, bottling plants, hatcheries, nurseries and beyond.

Smaat Aqua’s breakthrough Innovations:


Water is the elixir of life and there is no tomorrow without water. India ranks 120th among 122 Nations in the quality of Potable water. Water pollution and contamination is a major challenge faced by our society today. In addition to fluoride contaminated ground water, rain water over runs and stagnated floodwater pose a serious threat to human health. Post flood situations in low lying areas and places with poor sewage systems through up potential health hazards, adding to the water woes.

Smaat water purification technology effectively treats any type of contaminated water like that of Septic tank discharge, grey water or sullage, Groundwater infiltrated into sewerage and Black water, Urban rainfall run-off from roads, car-parks, roofs, side-walks (stagnated), Seawater ingress (salt, micro-biota, high volumes), Highway drainage (oil, de-icing agents, rubber residues) Industrial site waste and drainage (silt, sand, alkali, oil, chemical), organic (bio-degradable - includes waste from abattoirs and creameries and ice-cream manufacture) and inorganic (non bio-degradable) contamination to mention a few.

Smaat has established the concept of “Community Water Center” providing safe and pure drinking water at door step, beginning from rural India. The state of the art technology used by Smaat aqua is the “Reverse Osmosis Technology. Reverse osmosis is a separation process that uses pressure to force a solvent through a membrane that retains the solute on one side and allows the pure solvent to pass to the other side. More formally, it is the process of forcing a solvent from a region of high solute concentration through a membrane to a region of low solute concentration by applying a pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure. This is the reverse of the normal osmosis process, which is the natural movement of solvent from an area of low solute concentration, through a membrane, to an area of high solute concentration when no external pressure is applied. The membrane here is semipermeable, meaning it allows the passage of solvent but not of solute. Many of Smaat’s major projects are based on the RO Systems. Smaat Aqua has established more than 800 Community Water Centers across India benefitting more than 40 Lakhs Rural population. Efforts are on way to establish these Community Water Centers in Urban slums.

Another breakthrough technology adapted by Smaat Aqua is the “Smaat Mobile Water Treatment”. Smaat Mobile Water treatment system effectively removes these varied contaminants from untreated water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for its intended use, most commonly human consumption. Substances that are removed during the process of drinking water treatment include bacteria, algae, viruses, and fungi, minerals such as iron and sulphur, and man-made chemical pollutants. This Mobile plant can be particularly useful at the time of disasters caused due to floods. The contaminated water that is drawn in to the drinking water sources can be treated on the spot. This is very effective as it not only desalinates the water but also prevents the spread of post flood epidemics. It also converts the brackish water containing fluoride, arsenic, nitrate and pathogenic bacteria into potable water. These Smaat Mobile Water Treatments have been sent to West Bengal and Jharkhand.

Rain Water Harvesting Structures

  • Oorani Pond Construction

Smaat Aqua constructed community water ponds (Oorani) at Nalgonda, which can store 15 million liters of water and presently serving population of 4,300. This is permanent and sustainable structure as it does not require any power for lifetime.

Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Structures Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting structures for individual households, which does not require any power. Hence, saving around 24 million liters of water per annum for drinking purpose and around 50 million liters for ground water recharging. In this there is a storage tank with a capacity of 10,000 litres with a filter media on top of it. The tank is completely sealed so there is no contamination inside, and a single chlorine tablet once a week by the school teacher takes care of the quality of the water. Cleaning the tank surprisingly is undertaken once in 3 years and is considered to be enough to suffice.

  • Driven by commitment to quality and service, Smaat Aqua Technologies is in the fore front in providing innovative and pioneering solutions to Water treatment problems. According to the Managing Director, Mr Karunakara M Reddy, Water is supposedly the new oil and it is just not about water, it is about Health, Education, Economy and Happiness, he adds.


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