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 Vishwanathan Anand - An Inspiring Star Of The Youth 

Date of Publish - Tuesday, 16th January 2018

Vishwanathan Anand -An Inspiring Star Of The Youth.                   

‘’Praise you when we run, Give it comfort when we fall. Encourage then, when we are restored, but let us grow by god. The conceit is a sweet knife and a gold pitcher of poison-filled.’’                                                                                         

These words of Swami Ji have meaningful with the extraordinary achievements of Vishwanathan Anand.For the 48 years old Anand, age is just a number.He is young for youth.when Madras (Lighting kid  ) became the world's first chess champion in 2000, became famous as the Tiger of Madras. Anand has won the championship in a different format as classic, Knockout, Rapid and Blitz.

His status and achievements:

1. Six times chase Oscar Award

2. Arjun Award (1985)

3. Padmashree (1988)

4. Padmavibhushan

5. First Khel Ratan (1991-92)

6. Six times world champion (2000,2003,2007,2008,2012,2017)

7. The number One remained for 21consecutive months.

Anand wrote a book on his chess tour in 1998-‘’My Best Games of Chess’’ which was chosen by the British chess foundation ‘’Book of the year after winning the Rapid chess world champion after the interval of 14 years in Riyadh(Dubai),Anand has given a repetitive response to the critics who,in the word chess often craved to win the title between the empire of Magnus Carlson and the young stars of his generation,reaching to Anand's advice to retirement.                             

In India, chess experts remember the days when Anand had removed the empire of chess championship of Russia’s Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov from his quick moves and spread the message of Indian chess. Anand, who knows Tamil, English, Hindi, Spanish, French and German considers the computer as his training partner.He says that this is my game impression.He says that you have to act in chess if the opponent gets to know your feeling then he can beat you easily.Anand, who has joined the Board of directors of the Olympic Gold quest in 2010, liked Moscow city when he defeated Vladislav Kacheva in the same city, thousands of people had given a standing ovation.The name of a small planet has been named after Anand, Kenzo Suzuki of Japan discovered the planet-4538 between Mars and Jupiter in 1988.A member of the International Astronomical Union and interested in chess Michael Rudenco has named the planet in 2015.He is a third of chess and overall seventh players to be included in this list.


Author :
Rajendra kumar Jain IMIA016


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