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 Service To Man Is Service To God 

Date of Publish - Monday, 6th November 2017

Service To Man Is Service To God

The aim to do something for the society is always praise worthy. Especially distributing food for hunger is really a great job. Look at the service motto of Dr.Issa Fathima Jasmine, an Orthodontist from Chennai. Let us show our gratitude towards her and join our hands in the service activity of Dr. Fathima.

The flower Jasmine,  spreads its fragrance to others, our Orthodontist also wants to spread her activity based love towards poor. On 20th August at Besant Nagar in Chennai, she set up a Community fridge to collect the excess food and she supplied the same to the needy. In a country like India where nearly 30 crore people are  below poverty line and  sleep hungry, her initiative is really useful.

Dr. Issa started the campaign on the World Food Day with a slogan #happyplatechennai to bring awareness about wastage of food. Her main idea behind her service is that food should not be wasted and the excess food is to be distributed to the huger. In this context, she said to  “The Logical Indian”, that "Every single morsel is to be counted and distributed immediately."

Near the fridge there is a cupboard where people can donate all their excess clothes, shoes, books etc., Her service activities are available from 7 am to 9 pm. People those who want to donate food, they must give their personal particulars as well as item particulars like manufacturing and expiry dates respectively.

When people asked about her reaction towards her activity, she emotionally expressed that “No words left to express, it is the feeling that everybody has to enjoy”. She asked the people who questioned her to move to the place and distribute food with their own hands and enjoy the return. That is the perfect time for everybody to realize that how the excess food is serving the hunger.

Till date she is feeding nearly 500 families, the information given by her to The Logical India.

She is an Orthodontist by profession but quit her job and is totally concentrating on the initiative she has taken.

Everybody in Tamil Nadu appreciated her and expressed their gratification towards her.

 (picture source- The Indian Express)

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