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I Accepted "Hara Hai Toh, Bhara Hai" #GreenIndiaChallenge, What About You?

Plant 3 Trees and Nurture them for 3 years.
Pass the Challenge to 3 others.
A Green Revolution, A Green Resolution

To Know More about "Hara Hai Toh, Bhara Hai" #GreenIndiaChallenge & join Click here

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  • India Grand Challenges 10): Understanding national climate patterns and adapting to them.
  • India Grand Challenges 9): Providing learner centric, language neutral and holistic education to all.
  • India Grand Challenges 8): Securing critical resources commensurate with the size if our country .
  • India Grand Challenges 7): ensuring quantity and quality of water in all rivers and aquatic bodies.
  • India Grand Challenges 6): Guaranteeing nutritional security and elimination female and child anaemia.
  • India Grand Challenges 5): Making India non-fossil based.
  • India Grand Challenges 4): Taking the Railway to leh and Tawang.
  • India Grand Challenges 3): Ensuring location and ability independent electoral and financial empowerment .
  • India Grand Challenges 2): Developing commercially viable decentralised and distributed energy for all.
  • India Grand Challenges 1): Ensuring universal eco-friendly waste management .

 Pullela Gopichand - Nominated Pm "narendra Modi" For #harahaitohbharahai, #greenchallenge 

Date of Publish - Friday, 10th August 2018

By Accepting SS Rajamouli ##HaraHaiTohBharaHai, #GreenChallenge The Chief National Coach For the Indian Badminton Team, Shri Pullela Gopichand Today planted 3 Trees at Sai- Gopichand National Badminton Academy –Gachibowli Hyderabad, As part of the #HaraHaiTohBharaHai, #GreenChallenge He further nominated

  1. Shri .Narendra Modi ji ( Hon’ble Prime minister )
  2. Shri .Rajavardhan Rathore ( Hon,ble Minister of state(I/C) Youth Affairs & Sports, MoS(I/C) Information & Broadcasting, Govt of India
  3. Shri. Abhinav Bindra – Former Olympic Shooting Athlete .
  4. Shri. Akshay Kumar – Film Actor, Producer ,Material Artist,Stunman, Television Personality and Philanthropist .
  5. Shri. RajeshKalra – Chief Editor, Member Olympic Task force

THE GREEN REVOLUTION IS PICKING UP PACE in 25 DAYS to 28 INDIAN STATES, 35 COUNTRIES, PEOPLE FROM Corporate World, Students,Civil society, Common Man, Kids,Celebrities, Politicians, Beuracrats are taking part of this noble cause globally

As of now 3.20 Million people registered and uploaded 4.36 Million SAPLING plantation picturers and adding more round the clock ... and the question is WHEN ARE YOU ACCEPTING THE CHALLENGE ?

Igniting Minds ‘Hara hai toh bhara hai’ A Green india and Greener World Challenge has taken upon itself to address causes that are socially relevant and tries to mobilise mass participation of the people to make the society a better place to live in.

What is Igniting Minds doing Now?

A study has revealed that a person on an average consumes 284.7 kgs of Oxygen per year. On an average, a tree produces 100 kgs. of Oxygen per year. It means that on an average a person consumes Oxygen produced by three trees in a year.

The forest cover of the earth today is only 31% of our earth. The loss of forest is 5.2 million hectares per year, in the name of urbanisation. The grim fact is that slowly but surely, we are choking ourselves and the life on earth to extinction.

We, at Igniting Minds, have decided to restore and revive the green cover by planting trees all across the Globe. To make it interesting and a social activity, we have come up with the concept of "#GREEN CHALLENGE" We have coined a Slogan, ‘Hara hai toh bhara hai’ to take it forward and make it viral.

Target of 100 Million Tree plantation by 15th October 2018 :

The iconic leader, former President of India, the missile man, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s death anniversary 27th July to Birth Day 15th October . As a fitting tribute to that great soul, who strived for the humanity in general and the people of our nation in particular, we at Igniting Minds have decided to launch this global movement on this day and dedicate it to the visionary who strived for the betterment of humanity.

What is the challenge?

First you accept Igniting Minds’ Hara hai, toh Bhara hai challenge of planting 3 trees in the next 10 days. Then, you nurture them for the next 3 years, upload the photographs of the same on . As a next step, you pass on the challenge to 3 to 5 others, who take it further and the chain continues. It is that simple.

The challenge was initiated over 25 Days ago ( 17th July 18) and has had a cascading effect. It has not only spread across 27 states of India to date, but, has also gone viral globally with people across the globe accepting and spreading the challenge in over 35 countries till the last reports came in Few names and countries :

  1. Cristina Xavier Martins, Climate Activist, From Brazil.
  2. Gabriela Sosa, Author and Actress, Hollywood (USA)
  3. Dr. Guy Tanner, Chairman, Green Tau Organization, UK
  4. Ingmar Rentzhog, Founder & CEO, Wedon'
  5. Dr. Daniel Gbujie Chidubem, CEO, Team 54 Project, Africa and more 30 countries .. and incresing every hour.

This is a very encouraging sign and only goes to show that a good humanitarian cause gets worldwide acceptance despite the geographical demarcations. The Minister for IT, Municipal Admin. & Urban Devlopment, Industries & Commerce, Textles & NRI Affairs, Shri. K. T. Ramarao accepted the challenge and planted three saplings and geo tagged them. He in turn challenged United States Counsel General in Hyderabad, Ms. Katherine B. Hadda, Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, Rajdeep Sardesai, and Matinee idol, Mahesh Babu.

The United States Counsel General in Hyderabad, Ms. Katherine B. Hadda accepted the challenge, planted the saplings, tagged the same and passed on the challenge to Saina Nehwal and other celebrities. It is spreading by the minute and the list of participants is growing and spreading like wildfire.

Hara hai Toh Bhara Hai is a fun way of reversing the damage caused by deforestation. Igniting Minds appeals to one and all to take this challenge forward

The bottom line is to make a Green India and a Greener Earth.


Author :
M.Karunakar Reddy


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