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  • 62,000 Million litres per day(MLD) of urban sewage generated in india.Treatment capacity is 23,277MLD. Only 522 of 816 municipal treatment plants work ,so 18,883 MLD actually treated.
  • 54% of India’s groundwater wells are declining, According to NASA, in 2011, india pumped out 245 billion cubic metres of ground water, 25% of the global total.
  • 120 India’s rank out of 122, says NITIAYOG report, for water quality 70% of our water is contaminated.
  • 40% of Indians will have no access to safe drinking water by 2030. India has 18% of the world population,4%of water resources.
  • 21 Indian cities run out of water by 2020, days NITI AYOG, including Delhi and Bangalore.


Date of Publish - Friday, 17th November 2017


“Good things come to those who wait, but only those things left by those who hustle.” --- Abraham Lincoln

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the powerful drive that encourages action. Motivation is a spark that ignites the minds for action. It is an action that changes once life.

Why do we need Motivation?

The driving force that comes from a desire to succeed. Through success one can get enjoyment and excitement everywhere. Life becomes excited with success.

Complacency is the greatest enemy which leads to lack of effort and people with complacent mind does not grow as their thinking powers are low and they may not be able to identify what they need actually.

Here is a real story how two brothers motivated one positively and another negatively from the same source.

This is the story of two brothers. The elder brother was a drug addict, alcoholic and never cares about his family. Coming to the second brother he was a nice gentleman and he cares his family and he has good name and fame in the society.

Once psychological experts interviewed both brothers. To their surprise both reacted differently and who were motivated from the same source, ‘their father.’
The first brother was asked, “What made you behave like this? By whom you were motivated. He replied, “My father”, he said that he has taken his father as his inspiration, who was a drug addict and who never cares his family.

The same question was asked of the second brother. He replied that “My Father”, is my inspiration to do all good things. He said that when he was young his dad used to drink and beat his mom and he does not have a good name in the society.  So I realized that was the wrong path and I should not move towards that way. 

The motivational source is same for both the brothers, but one has chosen the negative attitude from his father and other has changed the negative attitude to positive and learned a lesson from his father.

Motivation is the most powerful source where it drags the person to their extreme end either positively or negatively. So it is our duty before getting motivated by others just check is it correct or wrong.



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