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 Miracle Mitra-humanoid Bot 

Date of Publish - Thursday, 14th December 2017

                                       MITRA-HUMANOID BOT     

 MITRA-HUMANOID BOTMITRA is a five foot humanoid bot came in limelight at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, where it is launched by PM Modi and US president advisor (also the daughter of US president)  Ivanka Trumph.     

 Mitra launched at GES 2017 by PM Modi and Ivanka Trumph

Mitra is made by a year old Bengaluru based start-up Invento Robotics.Balaji Viswanathan is the CEO of Invento Robotics,who is also the most followed person on Quora.
Invento Robotics                                                                                                                                                           Mitra
Started                                   : October 2016

Initial investment                    : INR 50 lakh

Revenue till date                     : INR 20 lakh

Target                                    : 100 bots by end of FY2018

Focussing sector                      : BFSI & Retail sector

Charges for domestic events     : INR 18000 per day

Charges for corporate events     : INR 30000 per day

Logistic partner                        : SabRentKaro

Key features of MITRA

• Face recognition

• Face detection

• Natural conversation over voice

• Autonomous navigation

• Contextual support

MITRA speaks to the customers,gets to know them and their preferences.Mitra can target the customer better for businesses.For example,in super markets,Mitra has  the ability to collect relevant data on your first visit and not only make suggestions on your corresponding visit but also take you to that particular aisle.

This robot can do conversation with people and answer around 100 of a bank customer's basic questions,such as those regarding a loan,updating passbook etc.

In automobile showroom,it can give the customer a guide of the entire facility.To enable this,a cloud interface allows the customer to feed possible questions and required answer into the bot.

It can play requested songs,taking selfies for guests in a party and live streaming in the event.These events are managed by SabRentKaro,a partner company which helps with logistics and event management.

It can be used as a customer service agent in banks,hospitals,airport,hotels etc.


Invento Robotics came into existence in October 2016.The inspiration came from an event of their own educational startup,Invento Makerspaces in 2015 when a robot made by a team of Invento gained much appreciation during a maker fair.

The guidance Invento Robotics was seeking was not easily available.The invester ecosystem also was not primarily looking for hardware products-hence funding was hard.The foundewrs went for conventional route to fund their growth aspirations after the VC market in India failed to show much interest.

Balaji Vishwanathan said in an interview that manufacturing in India is problematic,but manufacturing out of India and getting it here is more problamatic.As they did one run in China and got stuck in customs for two months.So they decided to do a sizeable chunk of their manufacturing from Bengaluru.

Where can we meet MITRA?   

 The robot which welcomes customers as receptionist at Canara Bank, Bengaluru Circle Office in Bengaluru,India.

Proof of concept can now be found walking in the corridors of Canara Bank and PVR Cinemas in Bengaluru,greeting consumers and telling them what they like best.


Invento Robotics turned profitable two months back and will soon be launching a female version of Mitra,to be known by the name of 'Mitri'.The only difference will be in the body design.While Mitra comes equipped with a tablet,Mitri has been handsed a tray.

Author :
Aditya Vikram Singh IMIA026





Thursday, 14 December 2017

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