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I Accepted "Hara Hai Toh, Bhara Hai" #GreenChallenge, What About You?

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A Green Revolution, A Green Resolution

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 International Human Rights Day 

Date of Publish - Sunday, 10th December 2017

International Human Rights Day

The moral principles and the norms that describe the standards of human beings are to be known as Human Rights. In an easy way to understand clearly human rights are the fundamental rights which are inherently entitled for all human beings. Every individual can enjoy their human rights everywhere and all the time. These human rights are same for everyone.

The first and the foremost sentence in the Preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is – “All human beings are born free and possesses equal status and equal rights in the society.”

The Substantive Rights are the basic human rights possessed by every individual includes Right to life, Right to freedom from torture, slavery, Right to Equality, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of thought, religion, and moral sense, Freedom of Movement, Right against Exploitation, Cultural and Educational Rights etc.

India is the world’s largest sovereign, secular, socialistic, democratic republic and also one of the largest populated countries in the world it is a complicated issue to secure the fundamental rights of its citizens because of lack of proper education, diverse culture and widespread poverty. Our country has an independent judiciary to look into the issues of human rights.

World Wide Activities

• Since 2003, nearly ten Human Rights Defenders Policy Forums are supporting the courageous works all over the world to strengthening the International Human Rights System.

• In the year 2015, online forum were started to promote the girls and women rights by featuring the success stories by hosting the video discussions and roundtable conferences.
This year according to the Human Rights report that India has serious human rights concerns and the government is undertaking certain actions against these issues and repeal laws and security forces from prosecution for abuses.


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