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  • SDG 14 is ‘Life Below Water :Plastic pollution. Increasing levels of debris in the world’s oceans are having a major environmental and economic impact. Marine debris impacts biodiversity through entanglement or ingestion
  • SDG 14 is ‘Life Below Water :Coastal waters are deteriorating due to pollution and eutrophication. Without concerted efforts, coastal eutrophication is expected to increase in 20 percent of large marine ecosystems by 2050.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Ocean acidification has increased significantly in recent decades. Open Ocean sites show current levels of acidity have increased by 26 per cent since the start of the Industrial Revolution.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Oceans absorb about 30 per cent of carbon dioxide produced by humans, buffering the impacts of global warming.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Oceans provide key natural resources including food, medicines, biofuels and other products. They help with the breakdown and removal of waste and pollution, and their coastal ecosystems act as buf

 How To Reach Our Goal? 

Date of Publish - Monday, 13th November 2017

How to Reach Our Goal?

The saying goes, “Knowledge exists, man only discovers it”.

The goal of mankind is to be unique and stand high in the society. Knowledge helps to succeed in their journey, provided they must know what their goal is.

Once Dronacharya desired to test his students. He arranged a wooden bird on a tree and called all his students one by one and asked to shoot the eye of the wooden bird. When all his students were ready, Dronacharya asked his students to describe all that they were able to see in front of them. All the students except Arjuna described that they were able to see tree, garden, flowers and the branch where the wooden bird was suspended and the bird itself. Guru, Dronacharya asked his students to wait and finally, he asked Arjuna about what he could see in front of him. Arjuna replied that he could only see the bird’s eye.

The above story is a mere epitome of Arjuna’s diligence, dedication, and goal towards his work.

Why are goals important?

On a bright sunny day if we focus sun’s rays on a piece of paper and hold it steadily for some time, then the paper burns. This is a mere example of our concentration.So with the above example, you can find out that with our full concentration and dedication we can reach our goal.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam says,
 “Dream Dream Dream

Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.”

People always confuse about their goals and dreams. But there is a lot of difference. Dreams and wishes are sometimes related to desires. When the desires are powerful and supported then it is possible for everyone to reach their desired targets/goals.

We have to follow simple steps to turn our dreams into reality.

• Set up a goal

• We should be very clear about our goal.

• Plan the steps to reach our goal.

• We have to read the steps twice a day and make a mark over the completed actions.

Finally one day we complete all our phases and our goal will be in our hands.To do a good job, every moment is an auspicious moment. 

So we have to decide our  goal  Set up a plan  Reach the Goal.



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