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 Do Children Of Today’s Era Possess More Competition As Compared To Earlier Lot Or Is It Just A Matter Of Time? 

Date of Publish - Sunday, 21st June 2020

“Childhood means simplicity.
Look at the world with the child’s eye, it is very beautiful.”

Kailash Satyarthi

Above lines clearly signify the true essence of childhood. Childhood is all about being too innocent, naughty and carefree. We don’t remember what we did in our childhood, but people around us do surely remember our innocent yet witty (winks) acts. Every child has his or her own childhood and his or her own share of memories to cherish but what actually matters now is the childhood of today’s generation as compared to the older generation, maybe that of our parents’ or our grandparents’.

Ours and their childhood has a lot more differences, as compared to similarities. Their childhood used to be more about playing, exploring and learning on their own as compared to today’s children who study more and play less. They have lesser opportunities to explore on their own as they have one or the other to guide them and thus get fewer chances to learn things all by themselves. Today’s children don’t find ways to get out of the boredom because their parents introduce them to new things while children in the past did not have anything in their hands and thus, had to indulge in activities to drive boredom away. This had creativity, lots of thinking, physical work too and maybe a drive to explore something new out of what they have already.

It’s really hard to commit whether today’s children have a much more competitive life than their past counterparts. But studies have proved that the younger generation has a life better than worse of earlier generation and that they have better opportunities as compared to the earlier generation. But as far as competition is concerned, today’s generation has got lot of competition- competition to survive, to succeed in life, to choose correct path for their life and also methods to direct themselves towards good things. Competition is all around, surrounding us at every nook and corner. Trick is to survive through this competition successfully and also manage to sail through high tides with vibrant colors. They might have adults to guide them, but what matters is whether their guidance can help them to pull through the pressure surrounding them because ultimately elders can only guide, it is up to the youngsters that whether they want to go for traditional paths or carve their own!

Competition in today’s era is far much more as compared to the earlier times because there are lots of opportunities to choose from, lots of things to do, skills to develop but what suits us as an individual and interests us is hard to find. It’s hard to distinguish the best from the rest and is thus, a major issue to resolve. Greater the number of choices, more is the difficulty to choose from them. 

Author :
M.Karunakar Reddy


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