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Current Affairs
  • 62,000 Million litres per day(MLD) of urban sewage generated in india.Treatment capacity is 23,277MLD. Only 522 of 816 municipal treatment plants work ,so 18,883 MLD actually treated.
  • 54% of India’s groundwater wells are declining, According to NASA, in 2011, india pumped out 245 billion cubic metres of ground water, 25% of the global total.
  • 120 India’s rank out of 122, says NITIAYOG report, for water quality 70% of our water is contaminated.
  • 40% of Indians will have no access to safe drinking water by 2030. India has 18% of the world population,4%of water resources.
  • 21 Indian cities run out of water by 2020, days NITI AYOG, including Delhi and Bangalore.

 An Entrepreneur 

Date of Publish - Friday, 27th October 2017

An Entrepreneur

A person, who is enterprising and willing to stand up and be counted; eager to go solo and succeed, instead of joining the crowd and getting lost is an entrepreneur. He dares to dream, he is brave enough to pursue his dream, bold enough to face the challenges and courageous enough to face failures and turn them into stepping stones to success.
What drives an entrepreneur is an excitement of working for self and being one’s own boss. The risks are inherent and the chances of failure are even. But, you get to make your own rules, work on your own terms and above all, enjoy working as you tend to gain the most. Remember, you are not only working for yourself but by doing so, you are inspiring many to follow suit. An entrepreneur is looked up to by the society and their success and achievements are projected as success stories that inspire those, who are intent on following the trail. Entrepreneurs come in different sizes, shapes, temperament, and mindset, but, there is one common denominator that links them all and that is, all entrepreneurs are people with a positive attitude.

Balasubramaniam Iyer


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