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 A New Definition For Emotionally Weak Personalities 

Date of Publish - Friday, 1st December 2017

My Definition of Emotionally Weak is different

So, what exactly is being emotional?

Dictionary says emotional is someone who is able to express his/her emotions in a more explicit manner. So, according to this definition, those who are able to feel more are expressing their emotions in a better way than others. So, since when did we start to label people who are good at something weak? Irony at its best!

Anger, love, sadness, joy, jealousy, and many such feelings collectively form human emotions. So, why is it that those who are able to express emotions better are not considered strong? Why is it that physical strength is all about how much of yours you can show while emotional strength is how much of yours you can hide?

We have always heard people saying that those who feel more and cry more are emotionally weak. As they get affected easily and always think of their heart, not their mind.

But nobody ever says these are those people as well who love unconditionally and effortlessly. Who always go out of their way to make others happy. Who put others need, before their own.The word ‘ selfish’ doesn’t find a place in their life. They’re compassionate and kind to every person they meet. They’ll help you without a second thought. They’ll be a shoulder to cry on and a friend to fight for. 

Then there are also people who don’t express themselves because of an irrational fear. Especially, men are seen to oppress their feelings. A fear which is not visible but exists deep down inside us. The fear of being disregarded. The fear of being a laughing stock. This then ultimately leads to the compilation of stress and anxiety. As we abandon ourselves and burn our desire to feel unconditional. 

You’ll then find people putting explanations how to emotionally weak people are easy targets. How their emotions can be used and fucked up without any effort. But, I ask here, is life all about good times? Even if those good times cost you do not share your inner feelings with someone?So what if someone broke your heart or used you up? At least you know you gave your best and believe me there’s nothing more important than self-satisfaction. It’s okay to have your heart broken. It’s okay if someone left you. It’s okay if you feel numb or used up at times. These incidents are those that make you stronger and teach you some valuable life lessons.

Let me tell you who exactly is emotionally weak.To me someone who’s not able to love with an open and free heart is weak. Someone who doesn’t know how to show his feelings clearly is weak. Someone who cannot get angry or upset is weak. Someone who cannot cry even if they are badly broken or hurt is weak. Someone who thinks a thousand times before confronting his/her feelings is weak. Someone who thinks that showing unconditional love and care is my ego is weak. Someone who fucks other’s feeling as because he/she is confused about their own feelings is weak.Someone who takes love and care for granted is even weaker.

No! Those who feel unconditionally aren’t weak. They never were.Being emotionally strong isn’t about not showing your true emotions to others.

In fact, if you want to be emotionally strong, go and get everything out of your heart. Pour your true feelings to someone. If you like someone, tell them. If you love someone, show them. If you are sorry for someone, apologize. If you are angry with someone, resolve all issues now. 

A free mind is a happy mind, and a happy mind leads to a happy and healthy life.

Do all you feel like, before its too late.This is the time, don’t live your life without being expressive. Even if you get hurt, even if people mock at you, even if things don’t  always turn your way, do it anyway. Life is too short to worry about such things.Live your life to the fullest.

Being able to express your true feeling is not about being weak, trust me, you’re way stronger than you think.

Author :
S.Sana Abrar IMIA008




Amazing sisso ❤️

Friday, 01 December 2017

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