Monday, 16th July 2018, 10:32:50 AM
Current Affairs
  • 62,000 Million litres per day(MLD) of urban sewage generated in india.Treatment capacity is 23,277MLD. Only 522 of 816 municipal treatment plants work ,so 18,883 MLD actually treated.
  • 54% of India’s groundwater wells are declining, According to NASA, in 2011, india pumped out 245 billion cubic metres of ground water, 25% of the global total.
  • 120 India’s rank out of 122, says NITIAYOG report, for water quality 70% of our water is contaminated.
  • 40% of Indians will have no access to safe drinking water by 2030. India has 18% of the world population,4%of water resources.
  • 21 Indian cities run out of water by 2020, days NITI AYOG, including Delhi and Bangalore.


Founder and Editor-in-Chief


Karunakar Reddy Mardi,
An Igniting Spark to spread the flame of knowledge.

Mr. Karunakara Reddy is a business tycoon, founder and Editor-in-Chief for “IGNITING MINDS”, Chairman and Managing Director for “SMAAT INDIA PVT LTD”, and also for “WALK FOR WATER”.

Mr. Reddy is a daring, dashing dynamic person who started “Igniting Minds” Magazine and Web Portal with an aim to ignite the young minds and to carry the flame of knowledge and spread its radiance. His profound business sense and strong desire to achieve greater heights made him an impressive icon in the society. IGNITING MINDS has taken an initiative to motivate the youth of India to be the “Game Changers.”


Associate Editor


Mrs. Bommakanti Madhurima ,
A Creative, Enthusiastic and Resilient Woman.

Smt. Bommakanti Madhurima has been in the field of Teaching for nearly two decades. Her passion towards teaching made her to write articles and she is working as a freelancer for more than three years and expanded her writing skills. Her creative writing impressed many employers and nearly 300 articles were published in different web sites and major of her articles were rated with five stars. Recently she took the charge as an ‘Associate Editor’ in ‘Igniting Minds” to expand her skills and prove her creativity.


Rituraj Phukan ,
A Leader On The Edge

Trained as a Climate Reality Leader under Nobel Laureate Al Gore, Rituraj Phukan is a Mentor & Presenter with The Climate Reality Project headed by the former US Vice President. He also represents The Climate Reality Project India as the District Manager for Northeast India.

In 2013, Rituraj was a member of the International Antarctic Expedition led by Polar explorer Robert Swan, the first man to have walked to both the poles, completing a personal leadership and environment sustainability program called `Leadership on the Edge.' On the 2nd of March, he was the only one to raise the support banner for the Pacific Warriors Day of Action at Antarctica, urging world leaders to act on climate change before it was too late for the 14 low-lying Pacific Island Nations threatened with submersion by rising sea-water levels.

He has also traveled to the Canadian Arctic on an Earthwatch expedition called `Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge' to participate in ongoing citizen science research about the impacts of warming on the fragile arctic ecosystems, while based at the Churchill Northern Studies Center.

Besides spearheading the grassroots nature conservation activities of Green Guard Nature Organization, Rituraj also works with various organizations & initiatives like the Sanctuary Asia Kids for Tigers program.


Admin Executive


Rahila Nusrath,
Executive Incharge - Igniting Minds Web Portal

Is an overall Human Resource in charge for all the interns who are working nationwide for the esteemed Igniting Minds Web Portal. She takes the initiative to bridge the link between the managing committee and the interns. She has been actively training all her interns and updating them with the latest information for the smooth working of the organization. She is a B.Tech Graduate and has a strong determination of Transforming India by 2022, she is systematically planning and executing all her programs to ease and speed up the adaptations with her creative thoughts and actions.